How to go to Dragør

You will find Dragør centrally located in Øresunsregionen, on the island of Amager, very close to Copenhagen. South of Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.

Amager is connected Zealand / Copenhagen over 3 bridges and with Sweden via the Oresund Bridge.

To Dragør from Jutland, Funen, Zealand:

  1. Run from Copenhagen and find motorway E20 – eastbound.
  2. Run along the motorway E20
  3. Turn off at Exit 18
  4. Turn right on Englandsvej
  5. After approx. 4.5 kilometers you get to St.Magleby
  6. Continue straight along Kirkevej around. 2.2 km until you come to Dragør

To Dragør from Copenhagen center:

  1. Run over Langebro
  2. Continue straight along Amager Boulevard around. 1 km
  3. Turn right on Amagerfælledvej approx. 1.3 km
  4. Continue straight along Røde Mellemvej approx. 1.4 km
  5. Turn left on Vejlands Allé approx. 500 m
  6. Turn right on Englandsvej approx. 1.1 km
  7. Follow 1st. road in the roundabout
  8. Continue straight along Englandsvej approx. 4.9 km until you come to St.Magleby
  9. Continue straight along Kirkevej around 2.2 km until you come to the center of Dragør

To Dragør from Malmö (Sweden):

  1. Follow Highway E20 – Øresundsbron
  2. Turn off at Exit 15 approx. 600 m
  3. Continue straight approx. 200 m
  4. Follow 3rd. road in the roundabout
  5. Follow Kystvejen approx. 4.7 km
  6. Turn left at A.P. Møllers Allé approx. 600 m
  7. Turn left onto Nordre Dragørvej approx. 400 m
  8. Turn right on Stationsvej approx. 800 m until you come to center of Dragør

By plane or train via Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup:

Tag Bus 35 mod Islands Brygge. Take Bus 35 from Islands Brygge.
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