Living Doors

Every day up to Christmas, we gather under the lights of the Badstuevælen and walk to today’s “Living Door” – a window decorated by a family in the old town; They decide how they will decorate their window, what they want to show off and what they want to tell.

The visit ends with singing and possibly other entertainment – and sometimes we can even offer a little cake or have something hot to drink.

The whole scene takes about 20 minutes and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful dusk and have a mouthful of winter air in a good company.

If you would like to see all the decorated windows, you can see a list of all the ‘doors’ visited at the Laura Ella store on Neels Torv.

Time and place
Starts: Badstuevælen
Every day 1 – 23 December at 17.00
On the 24th of December it is in the morning

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